Sunday, 23 October 2011

I said I would deliver..

Well I said in previous posts that i'll try and get a good game with Akali.

She is actually pretty hard to play, especially when your team is awful. Even though she's an assassin and designed for 1v1, when your team feeds the enemy it becomes god awful to attempt 1v1's.

She is also often targeted to be killed first, so expect a lot of down time.

But here it is, my best score so far with Akali, I believe it's some sort of accomplishment.


  1. niiice that is definitely an accomplishment

  2. i would recommend to buy "Hextech Gunblade" as soon as possible when you play akali but it looks like you'll be fine the way you play ;D

  3. Nice, You definitely delivered.

  4. Nicely done! Definitely couldn't get that many kills.

  5. nice, looks tough to kill