Saturday, 8 October 2011

New Champion

A new champion has been announced - Twisted Fates nemesis, known as Graves, the Outlaw.

I look forward  to this champion being released as it seems they may be a mix between Miss Fortune and Gangplank. Hopefully they'll be an assassin type character as they are the type which I always perform best playing as.

I was tempted to buy Xerath, the new caster released last week, however i'm not at the IP count yet.

At the moment I am using LOLreplay to record my LOL games. When I have a banger, I will use fraps to record parts of the game (as shown in the blog post below), and post it on youtube.

Master Yi is certainly the champion I perform best as, followed by Xin Zhao, so be expected to see quite a few games from these champions.


  1. Very interesting, I had no idea they had a new champion.

  2. I feel like he is rushed.. well you never know!